Product launch: Parker OIL-X Filter Range

OIL-X Filter Range - 2021 Product Range Update

The current OIL-X filter range was introduced in 2017. Based upon recent feedback on the positioning of the filter range, Parker is pleased to announce the following updates:

Price Alignment

  • Following a market review, the OIL-X filter range pricing has been realigned to provide a competitive advantage

New Port Sizes Added

  • Additional ⅜” / 1″ / 2″ port sizes added to complement the existing range

Coalescing Filter Float Drain

  • Based upon market feedback, the old float drain has been replaced with a more robust float drain

DPI Removal
Due to the low dP of the OIL-X filter range, the DPI feature on models 010 to 030 has been removed as it provides no usable information for the end user.

  • Differential Pressure Indicators (DPI) often found on filters are not true gauges and are not calibrated instruments
  • Such devices are inaccurate, with a typical accuracy bandwidth of +/-25% (the lower the dP, the greater the inaccuracy)
  • To be usable, they should only be read at full system flow (but users won’t know when that is, especially when used with variable flow compressors)
  • They are often seen as an air quality indicator which they are not
  • They are often seen as service indicator, which they are not
  • They were introduced 35 years ago when filters were less efficient and blocked more easily

New Model Codes – WSPX / AOPX/ AAPX / ACSPX

  • For easy differentiation from the older OIL-X specification, new OIL-X filter model codes will be introduced
  • WSPX for Water Separators
  • AOPX / AAPX for Coalescing & Dry Particulate Filters
  • ACSPX for Point of Use Oil Vapour Reduction Filters

New Product Brochure

  • Current OIL-X product data is contained within individual Product Information Sheets, however these documents do not fully explain all the features and benefits of the OIL-X filter range
  • Based upon market feedback an OIL-X Product Brochure will be reintroduced

Energy Efficient Compressed Air Treatment
The OIL-X filter range has been designed to deliver the perfect balance between compressed air quality and energy efficiency, however the true differential pressure (energy consumption) of an individual filter is not always understood, therefore with the introduction of the new filter models, a new way of showing differential pressure will be introduced:

Filtration Performance and Differential Pressure (dP) Data
As a filter never flows at 100% of its rated flow, 100% of the time, performance data will be shown in a new way:

  • Filtration performance curve now included to show oil aerosol reduction at varying flow conditions (25% to 100% of Filters Rated Flow)
  • Actual dP from ISO 12500-1 testing now used for each model, not maximum value for range providing a more accurate view of dP
  • dP figures now included for filter at varying flow conditions (25%, 50%, 75% & 100% of filters rated flow)
  • dP curves available in addition to dP data tables

Easier Filter Selection by Grade

  • Data page now available for each filtration grade
  • The combined data page often caused confusion between a coalescing version and dry particulate version of a filter

Release Dates

  • From August 2nd, 2021 – Orders received for capital goods that include integrated OIL-X filters, e.g. dryers, will be supplied with the updated OIL-X filter models (capital goods subject to standard lead times).
  • From September 28th, 2021 – The complete updated OIL-X product range (model codes WSPX / AOPX / AAPX / ACSPX) will be available in the EDCN and will replace the current OIL-X filter models.


OIL-X 2021 Filter Range

View the specifications of the new compressed air filters, available in the following types: Liquid Separators, Coalescing, Dry Particle and Oil Vapor Reduction.

Parker OIL-X WSPX liquid Separators
Parker OIL-X WSPX liquid Separators

0.6 - 60 m3/min - Water & Oil

Parker OIL-X AOPX/AAPX Compressed Air Filters
Parker OIL-X AOPX/AAPX Compressed Air Filters

0.6 - 60 m3/min - Coalescing & Dry Particle

Parker OIL-X ACSPX Compressed Air Filters
Parker OIL-X ACSPX Compressed Air Filters

0.6 - 60 m3/min - Oil Vapour


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