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Produce your own nitrogen for Injection Molding on-site

After injecting liquid plastic into the mold, nitrogen is added under pressure to press the plastic against the walls of the mold. The nitrogen that is pressed into the mold must be of good quality and maintain a constant pressure for the best end result.

Low Total Cost of Ownership & Fast Payback

Injection and blow molding uses relatively low purity nitrogen. Often a nitrogen purity of 98.00% is sufficient, however our experience shows that some additives or plastic compositions require a higher purity. Our nitrogen generators offer a cost-effective alternative to the expensive bulk supply of Nitrogen gas. An on-site installation pays itself back over time, regardless of the purity or capacity requirement.

Why choose Avilo?

Avilo has helped many business to succesfully protect their product quality and safety while reducing their gas costs. We’ve got multiple references with various applications, such as; Blow Film extrusion, Injection Molding and Rapid Prototyping.

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Get in contact Call us on +31 187 48 13 66