MiNiT Nitrogen Generator




Flow rate at 95% (8 bar)

20 l/min

Purity Range

95% – 99%

Max. Pressure

10 bar

Tank size

5 Liter

The MiNiT Nitrogen Generator from Avilo with built-in buffer tank and compressed air treatment is the easiest solution for the small-scale nitrogen consumer. Specially designed for low nitrogen consumption applications. Utilizing field proven nitrogen membrane technology, it is possible to produce nitrogen without moving parts.

Easy to install & Use

The unit is very easy to use due to the automatic pneumatic start & stop function. It produces nitrogen without electricity or user assistance. Connect it to your designated compressed air supply and the downstream application and the unit is ready to use. The compact housing houses a 5 liter buffer tank to compensate for peak demands.


  • Built-in buffer tank for peak demand
  • Automatic start-stop function
  • Production without moving parts
  • No high-pressure cylinders
  • Easy to use/maintain by user
  • Compact design
  • No electricity required
  • Compressed air pre-treatment included