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Fumigation by means of nitrogen is an effective method to preserve antiques and art and to protect against harmful insects and fungi. It is a process of injecting nitrogen gas into an enclosed space to expel all oxygen, making the environment unsuitable for the growth and development of insects and molds that can cause damage to works of art and antiques.

This technique is often used in museums, art galleries and archives, where the artwork or antique objects are placed in a sealed chamber or flexible bag and nitrogen gas is injected. The process can take several days to several weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the objects to be treated.

In addition, nitrogen fumigation is an extremely effective way to prevent damage to works of art, as it creates a safe, sealed environment in which insects and mold cannot survive. There is therefore no need to use chemical agents that can sometimes be harmful to the object itself.

It is thus an important part of the preservation and restoration of antiques and art and can help preserve these objects for future generations.