Avilo usually sees to transport and set-up on location. This may involve anything from a small lab gas generator to an installation of a 5m2 skid or even bigger. The engineers who have built the installation will usually come and install the unit themselves.

The better prepared you are, the more successful you will be. Should the scale of delivery be biggish, then a product specialist will come and examine the location before delivery and installation. This will have been put in writing during the sales process.

A storage tank is often necessary. If its contents exceed certain values, a notified body may have to be involved. A pressure test may have to be executed and the full construction may have to be CE-certified definitively. This is a complex process, but Avilo can take care of all necessary administrative proceedings.

It is, occasionally, necessary to build a support frame for placing components. For example when a client wants to have a buffer vessel installed on top of a generator. In that case, we can deliver professionally customized frames made from anodised aluminium profiles.


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