HiFluxx ST6010 Nitrogen Membrane

● 4 - 12 bar Pressure Range
● Max. flow at 7 bar: 14.9m3/hrs


Produce your own nitrogen gas from compressed air with this hollow-fibre membrane module from Parker. Parker membranes can be built into a custom-made nitrogen generator or can be integrated with your (production) process to provide an on-demand, continuous source of nitrogen gas. Parker membrane technology offers a costeffective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional cylinder or liquid nitrogen gas supplies.

The advantage of Parker’s membrane technology lies within the hollow fibers. These are the most permeable available. Resulting in a better air to nitrogen ratio while requiring a lower compressed air inlet pressure. Furthermore, they are one of the most robust on the market, making them less sensitive for contamination. Parker membranes do not need any heating and seldom lose capacity during their lifespan like most of their competitors’ products.

Performance data of the HiFluxx ST6010

Download the datasheet (under the image) for information about the productioncapacity and specifications of the Parker HiFluxx ST6010 nitrogen membrane module.

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We keep close contact with Parker’s production facility nearby, to make sure our stock is up-to-date. Therefore, most membranes can be shipped worldwide, within days. For more information about nitrogen membranes or leadtimes. Feel free to contact us at INFO@AVILO.NL or visit our contactpage.