Avilo AV6 & AV9 nitrogen generators

● Available in 17 capacities
● Can easily be extended after commisioning
● Supports many LC/MS systems


The Avilo AV6 and AV9 series Nitrogen Generators produce large quantities of nitrogen. Both generators are built into very robust standing cabinets, with exception of the AV9's active carbon adsorber. Because of its dimensions this item is placed outside of the AV9's cabinet. Powered by an external compressed air system, serried AV6/AV9 models can deliver 1000Nm3 nitrogen an hour or even more. Placing an corresponding compressed air system with the right compressors and proper pressure vessels is of course also possible.

Within the generators cabinet is a high quality pre-filtration train to ensures the expensive nitrogen producing membranes are protected from any harmful particles. Proper but low cost routine maintenance to this unit will guarantee the generator last for years.

AV6 / AV9 DisplayA 3,5" full color display is mounted on the generators door. It displays information such as; nitrogen pressure and purity, generator running hours, several datalogs, and maintenance history. Furthermore it lets the user set different notifications and alarms when for example; certain purity or pressure levels are breached.This feature is truly unique within the nitrogen generator market and comes in 8 pre-installed languages..

The AV6 and AV9 nitrogen generators are dependent on an external compressed air supply. The compressed air must be dried and of good quality (ISO 8573-1:2010 3.4.2) To monitor the quality of the incoming compressor air an intergrated pressure dewpoint sensor is optional available. Avilo can modify the existing compressed air system to fit the generator requirements. Clear instruction to the user and a comprehensive user manual are standard service. Avilo delivers both standard as well as the modified special AV6/AV9 models with remarkably short delivery times. Sometimes even, when quick delivery is required, within days.

Download the brochure or contact us for more information.Capacities AV6 / AV9