Parker HPZA-30000 Zero Air generator

● Purity: <0.1 ppm THC
● Flow: 30.000 ml/min
● Number of FID's: up to 75


The Parker Balston Zero Air Generator can produce up to 30,000 ml/min of high purity zero grade air. Compressed air is pre filtered down to 0.01 micron and then purified using a stateof-art combined heated catalyst module. There are no moving parts and no noise, making the generator extremely reliable and ideal to install in the laboratory. Simple and quick to install, the Zero Air Generator requires minimal maintenance just once a year. The resultant air is free of total hydrocarbons (THC) to < 0.05ppm making it ideal for all FID applications. The low levels guarantee a low signal to noise ratio, ensuring a flat constant base line with no peaks or fluctuations. 

As a official Sales & Service partner for Parker Balston and Parker D-H gasgenerators, Avilo employees received the highest product training. This is unique in the Benelux. We feel save to say there's no other supplier within our operative range with more knowledge and experience, installing and maintaining these units, than us. Although these units are extremely reliable, it is good to know Avilo keeps a large stock of spare parts and maintenance kits, should your generator ever come to a standstill.

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Specifications Parker Balston HPZA-Series