Parker D-H 20H hydrogen generator

● Purity: 99,9995%
● Flow: 160 ml/min
● Pressure: 0.3 to 6.8 bar


The Parker domnick hunter H high purity hydrogen gas generators offer the optimum combination of safe operation, reliability and performance. Utilising field proven PEM cell technology, hydrogen is produced on demand from deionised water and electricity, at low pressure and with minimal stored volume. Innovative control software allows unrivalled operational safety and reliability. The H generators ideally supply fuel gas to all known GC combustion detectors used in today’s laboratory workflows. Three models operate at flow rates; 160 ml/min, 250 ml/min and 500 ml/min. Hydrogen generators are available with Remote Networking software. RemoteNet allows up to 27 hydrogen generators to be actively controlled from one central PC, and facilitates true cascading capabilities. 

As a official Sales & Service partner for Parker Balston and Parker D-H gas generators, Avilo employees received the highest product training. This is unique in the Benelux. We feel safe to say there's no other supplier within our operative range with more knowledge and experience, installing and maintaining these units, than us. Although these units are extremely reliable, it is good to know Avilo keeps a large stock of spare parts, maintenance kits and several temporarily employable units, should your hydrogen geneator ever come to a standstill.

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Specifications Parker D-H H-Series