Tyregas 23 truck generator

● Up to 200 car tyres an hour
● Up to 14 truck tyres an hour
● Plug-in ready



The Avilo TyreGas Truck 23 nitrogen generator has the largest capacity within the Avilo Tyregas range. Specially designed for filling larger tyres, this unit fills up to 14 trucktyres an hour. Because of the increase in volume and required pressure for these tyres, our smaller units aren't sufficient enough. The TyreGas Truck 23 can off course be used for normal tyres and will fill up to 200 cartyres an hour.

The TyreGas Truck 23 can be connected to your existing compressed air supply. Fed with dry compressed air it delivers tyre ready nitrogen (95%) without any moving parts. Unlike it the smaller TyreGas units it has a electrical pressure reducer, which allows you to control the output pressure.

The generator is build into an robust steel pillar and includes a high quality pre-filtration train to ensures the expensive nitrogen producing membrane is protected from any harmful particles. Proper but low cost routine maintenance to this easy accessible unit will guarantee the generator last for years and pays itself back multiple times within its lifespan.

Installation is very easy. The generator is Plug-in ready en can be connected directly to your compressed air installation. We only recommend to use a nitrogen buffervessel to connect your filling piston to. This keeps the running hours of the generator to a minimum and is much better for the overal condition of the generator. Avilo can of course deliver and install all the necessary components for a complete nitrogen tyre filling setup, such as good quality piping and the right compressor equipment. 

More nitrogen needed? Avilo will basically deliver any capacity required. Feel free to contact us for information about the possibilities.

Specifations TyreGas TRUCK 23