Gas Purifiers

Laboratories as well as Analytical & Pharmaceutical industries often use ultra-high purity (UHP) gases for their applications. These UHP gasses increase the consistency and quality of the final product or reproducibility of analyzes. 

Gas Purifiers

With these Point-of-Use (POU) gas purifiers from Saes your lower quality gases can be converted to ultra-high purity (UHP) quality. Removing impurities up to 1 part per trillion (ppt).

The purifiers are made of 316L stainless steel, checked for leak-tightness using a helium leak test, subjected to a pressure test and analytical tested for output on part-per-trillion (PPTV) levels. They've got a long tool life and the removal media is mostly factory re-generable.

Configurations: Each purifier is Client-specific. 

After submitting the gas that needs purification, the input pressure and flow, we can select a purifier that seamlessly connects to your application and fulfills all gas cleaning needs. 

Avilo has access to a complete series of flexible employable POU purifiers as well as bulk gas purifiers designed for complete facility-level purification of gasflows up to 20.000 m3/hour.

The tabel below shows some of the more common gasses that can be purified with a point-of-use purifier. Please contact Avilo if your gas is not listed or if you'd like more information about all purification possibilities.