HPZA-7000 Zero Air Generator






Gas type

Zero Air


7 l/min

Organic impurity


Pressure Range

2-8 bar

Applications a.o.


The Parker Balston HPZA Zero Air Generators produce high purity zero grade air from a standard compressed air source. To achieve the high purity, the compressed air is filtered to 0.01 microns and then purified by a high-quality, combined heated catalyst module. The Parker HPZA-30000 Zero Air Generator produces 30,000 ml of zero air per minute with less than 0.01 PPM of organic impurities (THC).

Stable impurity free Zero Air source

Because the air purity from a cylinder can fluctuate, generators are increasingly used to meet the gas needs in the laboratory. Zero Air generators have a much more stable and higher degree of purity than air from gas cylinders.

Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio for GC-FID

The air produced by the Parker Zero Air generators is free of THC down to <0.05ppm and therefore ideal for all FID applications. This low amount of total hydrocarbons guarantees less noise on the baseline, which improves the signal-to-noise ratio. A purer gas is also better for the condition of the analysis equipment.

Compact, Scalable & Low Maintenance

The production of the Zero Air generator contains no moving parts and makes no noise. This makes the generator extremely reliable and particularly suitable for use in a laboratory environment. The installation of the Zero Air generator is extremely simple. In addition, these units are very easy to use and with just a single service activity per 12 months, very low maintenance

Parker Balston Zero Air generators are available in the following 5 capacities; 1L/min, 3.5L/min7L/min, 18L/min, 30L/min. There is also an explosion-proof ‘ATEX’ model available.

Download the brochure for detailed specifications of the HPZA-30000 Zero Air Generator

Official Parker Distributor & Service Repair Center

Official Parker Distributor & Service Repair Center

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