TYREGAS 3.3 Tyre Filling System




Flow rate

50 liters a minute

Cartyres an hour


Compressed air feed

135 liters a minute

Max. N2 pressure

max. 9 bar


40 x 60 x 30 cm (WxHxD)


26 Kg

Nitrogen Purity

> 95%

The Avilo TyreGas 3.3 is the smallest nitrogen tire filling machine within the TyreGas series. The unit can be connected directly to the existing compressed air installation and can fill 30 car tires per hour with nitrogen. Without electricity or moving parts, the generator supplies 95% pure nitrogen which is immediately ready for use!

Easy installation

The TyreGas generator is supplied in a sturdy wall cabinet. If wall mounting is not possible or desired, the TyreGas can be supplied on a matching aluminum frame.

What's inside the system?

In addition to the membrane that produces nitrogen, the cabinet houses a pre-filtration section that protects the membrane against harmful particles and oil from the compressed air. The pre-filtration section consists of three filters that filter particles from the air up to 0.1 micorn and an activated carbon column that absorbs oil and ozone. The pre-filtration section prevents damage to the costly membrane and guarantees your investment will pay itself back several times within its lifespan!

Installation of the TyreGas 3.3 nitrogen generator

Installing the tire vulmacine is very easy. You connect the TyreGas 3.3 generator to the existing compressed air supply and the system is directly ready for use. Please note that a nitrogen buffer vessel (min. 150L) must be placed between the generator and the filling pistol. The buffer tank reduces the number of running hours of the generator, which is better for the condition of the generator.

Tyregas 3.3 delivered from stock

The TyreGas 3.3 is available directly from stock. Avilo can supply, install and maintain all components for a complete tire filling installation. Think about; reliable compressed air supply, buffer vessels and the right piping.

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