SmartFluxx SA15015 Nitrogen Membrane


Gas type


Flow at 97% (7bar)

87,8 m³/hour


95% – 99%

Pressure Range

4 – 13 bar

Inlet Temperature

2° – 60°C



Part Number


The Parker SmartFluxx SA15015 nitrogen membrane produces nitrogen gas from clean compressed air. Originally developed for aerospace application, this membrane is very light weight in comparison to the other industrial membranes.

N2 production at high temperature & pressure

The membrane module produces nitrogen with a maximum inlet pressure of 13 bar(g) and can also be used at high compressed air inlet temperatures of up to 60° Celsius. This makes this module extremely suitable for the production of nitrogen in more challenging conditions.

Download the brochure for all SmartFluxx SA15015 specifications.

Install the hollow-fibre membrane module into a custom-made nitrogen generator or integrate it with your production process. Supplied with only compressed air the SmartFluxx SA15015 provides an on-demand continuous source of nitrogen gas which can be used in a wide range of industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratory, chemical, heat treatment, electronics, transportation, oil & gas, mining and marine.

Reliable, Safe and Cost-effective.

Generating nitrogen gas with membrane technology has many benefits over bulk supply of nitrogen such as gas cilinders or liquid nitrogen supplies. Additionaly, Parker patented polymer fibre structure offers great advantages over it’s competitors.

We've got this membrane in stock

We've got this membrane in stock

We keep close contact with Parker’s production facility nearby, to make sure our stock is up-to-date. Therefore, most membranes can be shipped worldwide, within days.

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Integrated Nitrogen Solutions

We build custom generators under ‘Private Label’. Do you want a nitrogen-producing unit that you can integrate seamlessly into your product? Please contact us for the possibilities.

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