AviFluxx 2-50 Nitrogen Generator




Gas type


Flow at 98% (7bar)

48 l/min

Purity Range

97% – 99.5%

Max. Pressure

7.3 bar

Sound level

<58 dB(A)@1m

Applications a.o.

LC-MS, GC, APCI, ESI, ELSD, Solvent Evaporation

The Avilo AviFluxx 2-50 plug & use nitrogen generator produces 48 liters/min of high-quality LC-MS quality nitrogen at a pressure of 7 bar. This makes the unit suitable to supplying 2 LC-MS instruments with nitrogen gas.

Nitrogen for LC-MS, APCI, ELSD, and more

This unit is widely used as a nitrogen source for LC-MS instruments, but is also very suitable for other laboratory applications such as APCI, ESI, ELSD, chemical solvent evaporation and many others.

Independent nitrogen production

The AviFluxx is equipped with its own built-in compressed air supply and reliable compressed air pre-treatment. This allows continuous nitrogen production without the need for an external compressed air supply. The unit is also mobile, which allows for flexible placement.

Download the brochure for detailed specifications of the AviFluxx 2-50

Intuitive Touchscreen with AOS6 Software

Extensive functionalities and adjustable notifications for gas quality & service are clearly displayed on the touchscreen display. Stay well informed about the status and quality of your gas production.

Display values / Functions

  • Nitrogen Pressure
  • Nitrogen Purity / Oxygen content
  • (service) Hour counters incl. maintenance reminder
  • Purity & Pressure alarm
  • Service history
  • Data log of production values (1 year)
  • Export Data log via SD-card
  • Measuring cell calibration
  • Auto-restart function
  • Remote start/stop & Monitoring
  • Multiple languages; EN, DE, ES, NO, FR, NL

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