Beko DRYPOINT M PLUS Membrane Dryer





19 to 2450 liter/min

Dew Point

up to -35°C

Max. pressure

7.5 or 12.5 bar

The membrane dryer DRYPOINT M PLUS with integrated Nano filter is efficient filtration and drying in one housing. This unit offers reliable compressed air drying with low purge air requirements, requires no electrical energy and no drying agents that are harmful to the environment. The integrated Nano-filter increases the quality of the dried compressed air, the security and long-term stability of the highly selective hollow fiber membranes. Since the composition of the compressed air is not changed, the DRYPOINT M PLUS can be used for the preparation of breathing air.

Efficiency in a very small space

With the integration of compressed air filtration and a membrane dryer in one housing, the DRYPOINT M PLUS offers maximum security and flexibility for the user. Thanks to its compact design, it is suitable for use even in confined spaces. The performance of the membrane dryer and its broad product spectrum make it interesting for a variety of applications.

Class 1.-.1 air according to ISO8573-1

Depending on the incoming air quality, an air quality of class 1.-.1 (ISO8573-1) can be achieved. The type of membrane dryer required is related to the incoming compressed air quality and the pressure dew point to be achieved.

Download the brochure for detailed specifications of the Beko DRYPOINT M PLUS Membrane Dryers

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