H2PEMPD-1300 Hydrogen Generator






Gas type



1300 ml/min



Pressure Range

0.7 – 6.8 bar

0.7 – 11.9 bar

Applications a.o.


The Parker Balston H2PEMPD-1300 hydrogen generator produces ultra high purity hydrogen utilising a combination of PEM cell technology and a palladium purifier. With an adjustable delivery pressure between 0.7 and 6.8 bar, or 0.7 and 11.9 this generator produces 1.300ml hydrogen per minute with a purity of at least 99.99999%.

Download the brochure for detailed specifications of the H2PEMPD-1300 hydrogen generator

Ultra high purity hydrogen gas

Hydrogen is produced in the PEM cell using deionized water and electricity, after which the palladium membrane filters out remaining particles of oxygen up to <0.01ppm.

Carrier Gas for GC & GC-MS

Previously, these techniques were utilized separately, but the combination makes it possible to produce purer hydrogen at an extra high pressure. For example, one H2PEMPD generator can supply 1,300ml of hydrogen per minute, with a purity of plus 99.99999% and a pressure of up to 11.9 bar. This makes these units extremely suitable for generating carrier gas for all types of GC, GC/MS and fast GC, as well as producing fuel for GC combustion detectors.

Hydrogen production 24/7

Standard equipped with the ‘Auto Water Fill’  function, which automatically refills the water reservoir to produce hydrogen 24/7. Ideal for remote controlled installations with minimal user effort.

Lab Safety Guaranteed

The quality of the gas and the safety of the user are guaranteed by the internal sensors and innovative protection systems. These continuously monitor the parameters within the generator. Should a small leak or deviation of quality occur, the generator will switch itself off automatically.

Benefits of a Hydrogen Generator
Official Parker Distributor & Service Repair Center

Official Parker Distributor & Service Repair Center

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