FID-2500 Gas Generator






Gas type

H2 & Zero Air (ZA)

Flow ZA


Purity ZA

<0.05ppm THC

Pressure Range ZA

2.7 – 8.5 bar

Flow H2

250 ml/min

Purity H2


Pressure H2

4.1 bar

Applicaties o.a.


The Parker Balston FID-2500 FID gas generator delivers a combination of high purity hydrogen and Zero Air. This compact unit provides a complete gas solution for the gas requirements of many FID instruments.

Flat baseline & Less noise

The incoming compressed air is filtered to 0.01 microns and then purified by a heated catalyst module. As a result the total hydrocarbon content (THC) of the produced Zero Air is reduced to less than 0.05ppm. Ideal for FID applications. The low THC value ensures noise reduction and a flat base line without peaks or fluctuations affecting the signal.

Pure Hydrogen for FID

The low pressure hydrogen production is based on PEM cell technology using deionized water and electricity. This allows the FID-1000 gas generator to produce a maximum of 250ml/min of hydrogen with a purity of 99.9995%.

Download the brochure for detailed specifications of the FID-2500 gas generator

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Official Parker Distributor & Service Repair Center

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