Avilo OWS2 Condensate Cleaner




Max. Compressor capacity

5 m3/min

Oil residue

10 ppm

Inlet connection

1/2″ – incl. 10mm hose tail

Outlet connection

1″ – incl. 26mmhose tail

The Avilo OWS series of condensate cleaners [oil/water separators] separates oil from condensate generated by compressed air systems. By guiding the condensate along various elements, the oil is efficiently separated from the condensate.

How does the OWS work?

As the untreated condensate flows through the OWS, the oil is separated from the condensate and adsorbed by the specially developed elements. The first oil-adsorbing element has a smart saturation indicator function, which provides quick insight into the degree of saturation of the elements in the oil-water separator. The elements have been developed using various adsorption technologies, resulting in a residual value of less than 10 ppm oil after the separation process.

Easy to use & replace

The OWS2 can easily be placed in the mounting bracket (supplied as standard). When replacing, you only need to disconnect the inlet and outlet and place the new OWS2 in the mounting bracket. There are no (internal) elements to replace, so maintenance is a quick and above all a clean task.