TOC-1250 Gas Generator






Gas type

CO2 free & dry air



Hydrocarbon content

<0.05 ppm THC

CO2 content

<1 ppm

Inlet pressure

4.5 – 8.6 bar

Applications a.o.


The Parker Balston TOC-1250 gas generator produces 625ml TOC Carrier / Combustion Gas a minute from a standard compressed air supply. A combination of technologies purify the compressed air into a safe, dry (-73°C) hydrocarbons free (<0.05ppm) and CO2 free (<1ppm) air stream.

24/7 Consistent, reliable TOC analyses

The TOC-1250 gas generator is designed with continuous 24/7 use in mind. After connecting to a standard compressed air supply, the generator will start/stop without further user assistance and create unlimited gas for your TOC application. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This way you can continue to focus on your application without worrying about the gas supply.

Pure gas for TOC

The purity of the gas produced exceeds the gas requirements of TOC instruments from all known suppliers. Do you need less gas? The TOC-625 has a lower capacity.

Download the brochure for detailed specifications of the Parker Balston TOC-1250 gas generator

Official Parker Distributor & Service Repair Center

Official Parker Distributor & Service Repair Center

Avilo is a worldwide supplier of gas generation systems with a large stock. Order your gas generator or maintance parts now with the shortest leadtimes.

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