Piping System

Pipe Construction

If there is existing pipe construction, then installation and fitting to the existing pipes is often sufficient. Proper sealing is of major importance here! Nitrogen is dear, not to mention hydrogen! So any leakage is costly, far more than, for example, compressed air – which, by the way, is fairly expensive in itself.

Preventing leakage promotes safety and it repays itself quickly! Apart from that, the pressure drop may be measured at numerous diameters. With an optimal system, built with the correct materials and diameters, future problems (and therefore costs) are prevented.

Pipe construction may be executed through (flexible) tubing or traditional fitting, with compression couplings (copper), squeeze couplings (steel and stainless steel) or prefab systems (aluminium) in numerous colours.

For new developments or renovation, piping construction may be done by our own staff. For larger projects we co-operate, under Avilo direction, with a permanent external partner.