9 benefits of a Hydrogen generator

Benefit 1: Increased predictability and efficiency

Constant gas pressure and gas quality not only ensure lasting quality, but also uniform results. This increases the predictability and efficiency of your production.

Benefit 2: Generate Gas 24/7

With a hydrogen generator you can generate your own gas 24/7. Never again an empty gas bottle at the wrong time. This makes you flexible, productive and independent.

Benefit 3: Safety and security

A hydrogen generator also provides a bit of security. You no longer need to store high-pressure gas cylinders in your laboratory or hospital.

Benefit 4: Independence from third parties

Because you generate your own gas, you are no longer dependent on third parties, for example for the supply of gas bottles. This saves you time, money and energy.

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Benefit 5: Occupational health and safety

Met een waterstofgenerator verkleint u niet alleen eventuele veiligheidsrisico’s, maar komt u ook de gezondheid tegemoet doordat er geen transport meer plaatsvind van zware cilinders die vaak niet volgens Arbo voorschriften worden vervoert.

Benefit 6: Cost-effective

You have no costs for the stock, rent and transport of gas bottles. This way you save hundreds of euros every year with a hydrogen generator. So a significant saving.

Benefit 7: Time saving

You no longer have to perform administrative actions, such as invoicing, logistics and purchasing. And save you time to focus on your core business. In other words: you have more time to do what you are good at.

Benefit 8: Minimal maintenance costs

A hydrogen generator has minimal maintenance costs.

Benifit 9: Smaller CO2 footprint

A generator is many times less harmful to the environment. Instead of transporting the gas in heavy cylinders, where another 10% of the gas is thrown away unused, you only make what you need on the spot. Without the polluting logistics.

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