Turn-key nitrogen installation for Belgian University

Many of our customers use the gas from our generators for analytical purposes. The generators for these applications are often very compact and supply - in comparison to system for other applications - a relatively small amount of nitrogen, hydrogen or other form of analytical gas. However, when the combined consumption of different locations within a research institution increases, a central system can provide many advantages in terms of purchase and operating costs

Belgium’s best-known university opted for a centralized nitrogen supply. In the summer of 2021 they were able to start using the turn-key system that includes the first 2 generators of our new SuperFluxx series laboratory generators. These units based on membrane technology produce high quality nitrogen which is immediately ready for use within the various laboratories.

System Specifications

This installation supplies nitrogen with the following values


Purity - %


Pressure - Bar


Flow - L/min

Nitrogen generators based on membrane technology are extremely reliable because they contain no moving parts. This makes them less subject to wear and tear. High quality pre-filtration is required to properly protect the nitrogen separating membranes in these units. To guarantee the production of nitrogen during maintenance or possible calamities, the compressed air supply in the system is doubled for redundancy purposes.

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SuperFluxx Nitrogen Generator
SuperFluxx Nitrogen Generator

2.1-35 m3/hour - 95.00-99.60% N2



2x Avilo SuperFluxx 10 Nitrogen Generator

2x Alup SCK 15-10 500 PLUS Screw compressor with built-in dryer

2x 270 liters Nitrogen Buffer Tank

2x Compressed Air Filtration Set

1x Avilo OWS 10 Condensate Cleaner