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Nitrogen in Truck Tyres

Fill your fleet's tires with nitrogen! This saves fuel, prevents unnecessary tire wear and is a lot safer!

The normal air that we breathe daily and also use for our car tires contains ±78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gases such as Argon and CO2. The oxygen in the air has the property of seeping through rubber. Like a balloon that shrivels, a large tire can lose up to 200mbar of pressure in 1 month. Nitrogen doesn’t do this and keeps tyre under pressure, but that’s certainly not the main reason why it’s much better to fill your tire with nitrogen.

The benefits of nitrogen for transportation businesses

Save on fuel and service costs

Nitrogen keeps the tire inflated and the rolling resistance low. This not only saves fuel, but also shortens the maintenance time of the service department. It does not have to spend as much time topping up tires.

No tarnish & Less wear

Tires at pressure wear less and therefore last longer. In addition, nitrogen prevents deterioration of the rim, the rubber and the cord layers inside the tire. Tires that are fitted with a new tread (retreading) in particular benefit from this. When oxygen-containing air has damaged the rubber and the cord layers too much, it is not possible to renew the tire. Nitrogen reduce these negative effects.

No moisture... No blowout!

Normal air contains a lot of moisture, which expands when the temperature rises. The changing of the seasons, but even more so – driving itself – will increase the temperature in the tyre. A blowout is caused in 80% of cases by moisture that expands in the tire when the temperature rises. Nitrogen is a very dry gas that does not react to temperature and is therefore much safer.

Favorable Return-On-Investment

The investment in a nitrogen system for companies with their own fleet is guaranteed to have a positive ROI. Often the compressed air required for a nitrogen generator is already available, which further reduces the investment costs. Tires are filled with relatively low purity nitrogen, which means that a nitrogen generator based on membrane technology can be used. These systems have hardly any moving parts and are low in maintenance. The expected life of a generator is ±10 years, within which it pays for itself several times over.

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Nitrogen Tyre filling systems

TYREGAS TRUCK 23 Tyre Filling System
TYREGAS TRUCK 23 Tyre Filling System

14 (size 385-22,5 > 9 Bar)

TYREGAS 4.1 Tyre Filling System
TYREGAS 4.1 Tyre Filling System

40 tyres a hour

TYREGAS 3.3 Tyre Filling System
TYREGAS 3.3 Tyre Filling System

30 tyres a hour