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Nitrogen is used in many applications within a brewery for the production of beer and cider. It is used to prevent oxidation of the product, which may effect its shelf life, taste and smell. In addition, it can help create the right beer taste and texture for specialist beers.

Typical nitrogen applications within a brewery include

  • Fermenting and storage vessel purging and blanketing
  • Keg filling and pressurisation
  • Counter pressure filling
  • Pipeline purging and product transfer.
  • Sparging and mixing
Typische Stikstofinstallatie binnen een Brouwerij
Typische Stikstofinstallatie binnen een Brouwerij

Tank Blanketing

The introduction of nitrogen to the headspace of processing and storage tanks is a highly effective way of preventing oxidation and protecting against spoilage by yeast and bacteria.

Sparging & Mixing

Our systems provide the consistent flow rates required for effective removal of dissolved oxygen, accurate adjustment of carbon dioxide, and the prevention of oxidisation after bottling.