Turn-key Stikstof & Persluchtsysteem voor Chemie Plant

Avilo delivers nitrogen and compressed air system for chemical plant near Amsterdam

CLASS 1.1.1 Air & 99% Pure Nitrogen

The installation, located at a plant that produces high-quality hydrocarbon resins, delivers Compressed Air (CA), class 1.1.1. and Nitrogen Gas (N2) with a purity of 99%.

The original contract for this installation came from Linde Gas Benelux, who was ordered by the client to design a system that could provide both CA & N2. Because the plant has a 24/7 production line it had to be a fully fail operational redundant system. Preference was given to a setup based on compressors for CA & N2 generation during normal production and for backup a cryogenic nitrogen tank.

Although the compressor based system itself has built-in redundancy and at peak production uses less than 2/3 of its capacity, the cryogenic back-up unit will always be stand-by and come in operation in case of a power supply failure.

While Linde Gas supplied the cryogenic backup unit, Avilo was responsible for the complete installation and design of the compressor based system including the connection to the  existing pipework of the plant, regulation of the different flows (CA, N2, Back-Up) and the communication of the whole system to the plants computer mainframe.

Avilo has really taken full control during this project. From design till installation and commissioning. Never were there any delays or suprises. They are a delight to work with.

, Linde Benelux B.V.