Avilo designs and builds standard and custom (skid,container) nitrogen generators based on Parker Membrane technology for nearly every application. These models come in different capacities, delivering up to 99.5% pure nitrogen. If your application needs high purity nitrogen, PSA-technology is the best choice. These PSA-generators deliver up to Class 5 pure nitrogen (99,9995%). See the delivery programme for the different models. All Avilo supplied generators will be modified to fit your application seamlessly. Avilo can of course deliver, install and maintain the necessary piping and compressor equipment as well.

Which generator type would suit my application best? Please contact Avilo for more info! 

See our delivery programme membrane and psa-generators!



Most applications in the food processing industry and industrial markets use nitrogen to displace oxygen from their product or production processes. Oxygen causes oxidation therefore inert nitrogen is used to prevent slow or fast oxidative reactions, or slow down microbial growth. For example: keep flammable materials away from oxygen to minimize explosion risk, prevent slow oxidization of chemicals and metals during processing or heating, prevent food from going bad by packaging and storing food in a low oxygen atmosphere. Avilo designs and tailors units for these applications and many others. See a selection of our projects around the world on our Export Map.

AVILO Generators are used for these applications and others. 

  • Fire prevention
  • Food processing and packaging 
  • Analytical chemistry
    • Liquid chromatography / Mass chomatography 
    • Gas chromatography
    • Laboratory analyses (Fid, toc, waterstof, zero air)
  • Petroleum, petrochemical, chemical industry
    • Tank blanqueting
    • Pipeline purging
    • Inerting
    • Catalyst regeneration
    • Mixture gas (lowering caloric value)
  • Farmaceutische industrie
    • Pharmaceuticals packaging
    • Fire prevention during production
  • Electro industrie
    • Anti-oxidant bij productie
    • Conditioneren bij warmte bewerking
  • High altitude simulation (sportstraining) 
  • Tyre filling installations (Bike, Car, Truck)
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Plasma cutting