Sales and rental


The reasons for choosing a generator over cylinders or storage tanks are clear. Think of issues such as worksafety and economy of space and time. Furthermore, gas suppliers' invoices are sometimes hard to read because they often contain hidden costs. Comparing generators can be difficult and Aviko likes to help out. You are more than welcome at our Dirksland office, but we are also happy to come and see you! 

Sales are more than just laying down a price. It is often a matter of long-term relationships that require trust. Not just for initial purchase, but also for the years to follow. That is why it is important that get the complete picture. Matters such as acquisition and maintenance, but also things like energy consumption, back-up provisions and even noise levels. So that you will not have any surprises.

Full cost recovery on an installation within six months is no exception! If, for any reason, purchase is not desirable, then we have other possibilities such as lease or hire. 

Wijnand Voets (Sr. Sales Engineer) and Jaap van Vliet (Managing Director) are responsible for sales. They are happy to inform you about the possibilities.


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