Avilo AV5 generator

● Available in 10 capacities
● Low maintenance (costs)
● Connects to compressed air system


The Avilo AV5 series is the perfect generator for locations where there's alread a compressed air supply installed. Available in 10 capacities, to fit any nitrogen demand. During manufacturing and installation we'll be making sure that your generator seamlessly connect to whatever application you're working with.  Clear instruction to the end-user and a comprehensive user manual are of course standard Avilo service. 

Within the generators cabinet is a high quality pre-filtration train to ensures the expensive nitrogen producing membranes are protected from any harmful particles. Proper but low cost routine maintenance to this unit will guarantee the generator last for years. 

AV5 Display- Language setting3,5" full color display is mounted on the generators door. It displays information such as; nitrogen pressure and purity, generator running hours, several datalogs, and maintenance history. Furthermore it lets the user set different notifications and alarms when for example; certain purity or pressure levels are breached.This feature is truly unique within the nitrogen generator market and comes with 8 pre-installed languages.

The AV5 Nitrogen generator is dependant on an external compressed air supply. The compressed air must be dried and of good quality (ISO 8573-1:2010 3.4.2) To monitor the quality of the incoming compressor air an intergrated pressure dewpoint sensor is optional available. Avilo can of course place a compressed air system or modify the exisiting system to fit the generator requirements. The Avilo AV5 series is usually available from stock.

Download the borchure or contact us for more information.