Parker Balston FID gas generator

● Fast payback time
● PEM Hydrogen generator & Zero Air generator within 1 cabinet



Supply all your FID Gas Requirements from one generator. The Parker Balston FID Gas Station is combination of two generators into one. These FID Stations can produce up to 250ml/min of high purity hydrogen and 2,500ml/min of high purity zero air, with less than 0,05ppm THC. A perfect combination that can supply up to six FID’s with the required gas, on demand, 24/7.

It uses Proton Exchange Membrane Cell Technology to produce hydrogen out of deionized water and electricity. A technology that’s already been used successfully in the parker H2PEM  generators. The Zero Air filtration train combined with a state-of-the art platinum heated catalyst module results in air that’s free of total hydrocarbons. Ultra-low THC levels means this gas is ideal for creating very flat base lines during analysis. 

Safe Hydrogen production

Both gasses are made on demand without unnecessary storage. Very compact and extra silent for use within the lab environment.  With a sophisticated control system, the operational parameters are carefully monitored to ensure a safe and consistent performance. Very low on maintenance and the best solution for eliminating those dangerous high pressure cylinders from the laboratory.

Parker Sales & Service partner

As a official Sales & Service partner for Parker Balston and Parker D-H gas generators, Avilo engineers received extensive product training. This is unique in the Benelux. Although these units are extremely reliable, it is good to know Avilo keeps a large stock of spare parts, maintenance kits and several temporarily employable units, should your FID generator ever come to a standstill. 

Specifications Parker Balston FID-series gas generator

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