OIL-X EVOLUTION Filter Elements

● Parker domnick hunter
● Compressed air filter elements


Coalesing / Dry particle Filter elements Activated Carbon Filter elements
005AO 005AA 005ACS
010AO 010AA 010ACS
015AO 015AA 015ACS
020AO 020AA 020ACS
025AO 025AA 025ACS
030AO 030AA 030ACS
035AO 035AA 035ACS
040AO 040AA 040ACS
045AO 045AA 045ACS
050AO 050AA 050ACS
055AO 055AA 055ACS
0200AO 0200AA 0200ACS

OIL-X EVOLUTION - Performance data

Download the datasheet for more information about the capacity and specifications of the OIL-X EVOLUTION filters and filter elements.

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