Nitrogen Generators

Membrane nitrogen generators are very well suited for laboratory use. These generators are used for LCMS applications very often. Avilo is very well informed on the specifications required and to that end they keep in touch with lab equipment (LCMS and GC) suppliers such as Agilent, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waters Chromatography, and others. 


Regardless of the number of LCMS systems or brand, Avilo has a fitting nitrogen generator with the right purity!


  • Avilo BaseFlow Nitrogen Generator
    ● Made for users of the Waters ACQUITY® QDa® mass detector
    ● Constant pressure and flow
    ● Installation & Maintenance easily done by userSpecifications 
  • Avilo Aviflow generator
    ● Plug & Play Principle
    ● Build in Compressed Air supply / Ultra Silent
    ● Supports 1 or 2 LC/MS systemsSpecifications 
  • Parker Balston Nitroflow Lab
    ● Plug & Play Principle
    ● Build in Compressed Air supply
    ● Eliminates the use of potentially dangerous gas cylinders
  • Avilo AV5 generator
    ● Available in 11 capacities
    ● Low maintenance (costs)
    ● Support up to 5 LC/MS systems Specifications 
  • Avilo AV6 & AV9 nitrogen generators
    ● Available in 17 capacities
    ● Can easily be extended after commisioning
    ● Supports many LC/MS systemsSpecifications 
  • Parker D-H MIDIGAS nitrogen generator
    ● Nitrogen purity up to 99,9995%
    ● On-demand. Reliable. Compact. Safe. Specifications 
  • Parker D-H NITROSource
    ● Nitrogen purity up to 99,9995%
    ● Connect multiple units for ultra large capacities
    ● Lowest cost method of high purity nitrogen supply. Period!Specifications