Nitrogen Membrane Technology

Producing nitrogen with membrane technique. How does it work?

Membrane nitrogen generators are based on hollow fibre membranes. So how does it work? Air consists largely of water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen. Compressed air is pressed through bundles of thousands of these hollow fibres. Because of the difference in diffusion speed, water vapour and oxygen will escape faster through the fibre walls, whereas nitrogen molecules are slower. That is why, at the end, the nitrogen remains.

There are no moving parts or valves. This is the easiest and most reliable way of producing nitrogen whenever the nitrogen purity level does not have to be very high.

Delivery programme


  • Avilo AV51 Nitrogen generatorSpecifications 
  • Avilo Aviflow generator
    ● Plug & Play Principle
    ● Build in Compressed Air supply
    ● Compact. Mobile. Ultra silent.
  • Avilo AV5 generator
    ● Available in 10 capacities
    ● Low maintenance (costs)
    ● Connects to compressed air systemSpecifications 
  • Avilo AV6 & AV9 nitrogen generators
    ● Available in 17 capacities
    ● Can easily be extended after commisioning
    ● Capacities of 100Nm3/hour or moreSpecifications 
  • AVILO SPECIALS: custom build
    ● Available in every Capacitiy and Purity
    ● Custom build to your specifications
    ● Suprisingly fast delivery timesSpecifications